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Our team specializes in Family Law. We are strong advocates who will get you into the best position possible for your new future. We have seen the effect of separation on all sides and know that the most important role that we play is to ensure that your children receive the right share of care for them and that you get what you deserve based on your contributions (time, love and commitment) to the relationship and your future needs.

Christopher Adams

Christopher is our Firm’s Principal. Chris has strong advocacy skills to ensure you get the deal you deserve so that your future gets off to the best start as possible. As your first point of contact, once you speak to Chris you will quickly come to realise that he cares for your unique situation. You will feel supported legally and emotionally.

At Adams Legal, we don’t settle for second best. Our priority is to get you the best result possible but with as little conflict as possible. The deal that you deserve after committing so much to your relationship.

Alexandria Adams

Allie has been working in Family Law at Adams Legal for 8 years and has developed a strong empathy for assisting families. She understands the complex relationship dynamics that can often be present in family law matters.

Allie strongly believes in conflict resolution and mediation and always strives to assist parties to resolve the issues promptly, without needing to proceed with lengthy and expensive Court proceedings. This view truly reflects the values of all of us at Adams Legal.

Emily Moore

Emily has been a valued member of our Family Law Team here at Adams Legal since 2018. In her time at our firm Emily has regularly appeared at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia for mentions, directions hearings and interim hearings for parenting and property family law matters.

Emily is passionate about parenting matters and works hard to ensure that her clients feel heard. She understands that following separation it can be difficult for her clients to navigate through complex issues relating to the care of their children. She extends sensitivity and provides experienced legal advice to help her clients mediate on the tough issues for both the benefit of their co-parenting relationships and their children’s needs.


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Call us to organise a face to face meeting. Our solicitors act for clients in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria as well as Australians currently overseas but dealing with legal issues in Australia

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